Writeoff AR Invoices


"Writeoff AR Invoices" enables write-off of accounts receivable invoices. Invoices which have been posted but remain unapplied are eligible for write-off. Invoices selected herein for write-off but not posted at the conclusion of your login session are released from the write-off session and are available for subsequent processing.

Entry tips

Type "?" in Customer to retrieve a customer number from the selection display. Click on the desired customer id to select.


Enter the Ledger of the accounts receivable invoice to be written off in this session. Type the accounting Period and Year to post the write-off entry. Enter (or prompt via "?") the Customer number. Type the Invoice number. Click Update. The invoice is displayed in the list below. Click an item from the list to display options for the invoice. Click"Remove" to delete the invoice from the write-off session. Click "Change account" to override the default write-off account obtained from the "AR Code" associated with the invoice and click Change. Click "Notes" to update or add a new note to the invoice record via the "Notes" panel. Click Post set to submit the write-off set to the background post process. A notice will be received when the write-off posting has completed.


The "Notes" panel enables entry of an invoice level note. The text entered will be associated with the current invoice being written off. Type text into the text box and press TAB to save the note. Additionally, an uploaded file may be attached to the invoice via Attach button. An attachment may be viewed via View attachment or removed via the Remove attachment. A invoice that has an associated note or attachment will have a document id number displayed in Document.

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