Reverse AR Payments


The Reverse AR Payments display enables reversal (void) of accounts cash receivable cash received or reversal of individual applications to accounts receivable invoices. If a payment is reversed the receipt is voided and the cash receipt entry distributed to the general ledger when the receipt was posted is reversed. Additionally, any applications related to the reversed receipt are likewise reversed and the related applied invoices will be open for the application reversal amount. Alternatively, individual applications may be reversed (voided) for a payment without reversing the payment. Application only reversals result in invoices being unapplied for the related application reversal amount and the related receipt unapplied amount increased so the related payment may then be subsequently reapplied.

Entry tips

Type "?" in a promptable line edit and press TAB to view and/or select a code value. Click on the desired code in the related selection display to select the code value.


The "Customer" panel enables reversal of a payment and any related applications. Type a new reversal date (or accept the default value). Enter the home calendar for your ledger. The reversal date applies to the entire session of reversals (both for reversals selected on this page and the "Applications" panel as well). The accounting period for reversal gl distributions is based on the reversal date and calendar values entered. Type a customer and related check number to be reversed and press TAB. The payment will be retrieved and displayed in the listview below. Click a check list and select "Remove check" from the context menu to remove a check from this reversal session. Enter additional check numbers for reversal if needed. Press the "Post set" button to submit the reversal session for processing. All payments and applications displayed on both panels (Customer and Applications) will be reversed.



The "Applications" panel allows reversal of individual applications. An application reversal does not cause the related payment to be voided. Instead, the related payment's applied amount is reduced by the related application amount and GL distributions made for the original application are reversed. The payment is again available for application to another invoice. Enter the customer number. Type an invoice number or check number, press TAB. All applications related to the invoice or payment for the customer are retrieved and displayed. To remove an application from the reversal session, click the application and select "Remove application" from the context menu. Press the "Post set" button (on the "Receipts" panel) to submit the reversal session. All payments and applications displayed on both panels (Customer and Applications) will be reversed.


The "Notes" panel allows entry or update of a check or application level note.

Customer fields

Application fields