Run AR Standard Report


"Run AR Standard Report" enables print and optional export of accounts receivable standard reports. A report name is selected, runtime parameters for the report are input and the report is scheduled for background processing. A notice is received when the submitted report has completed. Completed reports can be viewed and printed via "Reporting->View Reports".


Enter "?" in Report code to display the available reports. Click the desired report code item in the selection window to retrieve the report code. Type report Description which will be printed with the report when Print Parms is checked. When checked, a page listing all entered runtime parameters is printed as the first page prior to the actual report. Check Export XML to export the report data in xml format. Check Export CSV to export a comma separated variable file format suitable for spreadsheet import. Exported data is emailed to the user profile email address if user security permits (i.e. Permit export is checked in "Administration->User profiles").

Run criteria

The "Run criteria" panel enables input of report parameters specific to the report code selected in the "Select" panel. Thus, fields displayed on this panel will change based on the report selected. Click Run to submit the report for background processing.

View reports

The "View reports" panel enables viewing and/or printing of completed standard reports. Completed reports run by the current user (not more than 5 days old) are displayed in the listview. Click on a report item and select "Retrieve" and the URL is placed on the screen for navigation to the related report. Click Refresh to reload the completed reports list for newly completed reports.

Type the report name in Error report and press TAB to retrieve an error report listing resulting from a general ledger journal, or an accounts payable or receivable invoice import.

Select fields

Run fields

View fields