Recurring Journal Definition


"Recurring Journal Definition" enables entry or update of a recurring journal distribution group. Recurring journal names can be retrieved into a journal being entered in "Journals->Entry" and all distributions will be inserted into the current journal. Recurring journals can be defined which include only account numbers to be distributed, in which case amounts are entered to the accounts pulled into the journal at entry time; include accounts and fixed amounts which are set when the recurring journal is defined; or include accounts and percentages to allocate to the distributions based on a base amount entered when the recurring journal is retrieved during journal entry processing.

Entry tips

Type "?" in Name or Account and press TAB to view and/or select a code value. Click on the desired code in the related selection display to select the code value.

Recurring Journal

Type Name of recurring journal. Enter a brief Description of the recurring entry. The description appears if recurring journals are prompted via "?" in "Journals->Entry". Type a valid Ledger. Check Active to enable selection of the recurring journal name during journal entry processing. Un-check to de-activate the recurring entry. Type gl Account number used in a recurring distribution. Optionally, enter an amount to distribute to the account. Amount values for accounts within the recurring journal name can be changed at journal entry time. Check Percent to indicate that the Amount represents a percent to be applied to a base amount entered during journal entry processing. Type Description for the detail line description for the distribution and a valid Currency. If user fields are utilized the Amount 1, Amount 2, Text and Date values may be supplied as well. Note: if Percent is checked the values in the user amount fields will represent a percent applied to the base value as with the Amount.

Click an item from the recurring distributions list. Click "Delete" to remove the distribution. Click Delete to delete the currently selected recurring journal name and all its distributions. Click Save to save the current distribution definition. The distribution will appear in the list below.

Recurring fields