Cash Receipts


Cash Receipts enables recording cash received for a bank account. A cash receipts set is created where cash receipts for the selected deposit date and bank are entered. Invoices related to a payment may be applied at this time or the check may be applied at a later date via Payments->Apply. Unposted cash receipt sets are available for subsequent maintenance until posted.

Entry tips

Type "?" in a promptable line edit and press TAB to view and/or select a code value. Click on the desired code in the related selection display to select the code value.

The "Customer" is required. In order to record cash which is not yet identified to the customer or for cash receipts for which customer tracking is not desired, setup an "Unidentified cash" or similar customer type to enable entry of the receipt. Payments to an "unidentified" customer may be later associated to the appropriate customer via Payments->Identify.

Apply payments

Enter or prompt via "?" a cash receipts set to maintain or type "new" to begin a new session. Change the Receive date as needed (if user profile security permits). Enter (or prompt) a bank account for this cash receipts session. Type the check number of the payment, customer number and check amount. Click Enter check to insert the check into the set. Optionally, enter a Project or Description of the receipt. Click Refresh to view all cash receipts in the set.

Click a displayed cash receipt and click "Apply" to activate the "Invoices" panel for application. Select "Delete" to delete this check from the receipts session along with any applications which may have been made on the related payment. Click "Note" to maintain a note for this new payment item. The cash receipts set may be deleted via the "Delete set" button. Complete the receipts session and click "Post set" to submit the set to the background post process. A status message will be received when the cash receipt set is posted.


Open invoices eligible for application to the selected customer payment are displayed. Click an invoice item, click "Apply" to apply the entire open amount of the invoice to the check. The Applied amount and Remaining amounts are updated as well as the applied amount on the selected invoice. Click "Partial" and enter the portion of the invoice to apply in Apply amount and optionally the Write-off amount, press "Update". The write-off amount if entered must close the invoice (i.e. reduce the open amount to zero). Continue invoice selection until the payment is fully applied.

Click "Auto apply" to permit the application to attempt to automatically apply invoices to the check. The auto apply process first applies open credit memos to the payment and then attempts to fully apply open invoices which do not exceed the remaining unapplied amount of the payment. Application amounts on the invoices selected by auto application are shown in the list and the Applied amount and Remaining amounts are updated.



The "Notes" panel enables entry of free format comments for the current payment. The text entered will be linked to the current payment selected in the "Cash Receipts" panel. Type text into the text box and press TAB to save this payment note. Additionally, a file may be attached to this payment via the "Attach" button. An attachment may be viewed via "View attachment" or removed via the "Remove" button which is visible if an attachment exists. A payment that has an associated note or attachment will have a document id number displayed in "Document".



Enter payment applications that are not associated with an invoice in the "Credits" panel. Type or prompt via "?" the gl account number to be credited and the amount to be applied. Click "Update" to apply the amount. The display will be updated with the new values.

General Ledger distributions

Cash receiptCash accountXXBank Account Definition - Cash account
Cash receiptUnapplied cashXXBank Account Definition- Unapplied cash account
Cash applicationUnapplied cashXXBank Account Definition- Unapplied cash account
Cash applicationDiscount takenXXAR code - discount taken account
Cash applicationWrite-offXXAR Code - write-off account
Cash applicationAccounts ReceivableXXAR code - AR trade account
Check creditUnapplied cashXXBank Account Definition- Unapplied cash account
Check creditCredit account - cash sales,etc.XXEntered via Credits

Enter cash fields

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