Payroll Time Entry


"Payroll Time Entry" enables entry of hourly employee time information or alternatively, import of time data from a comma separated variable (CSV) input file. Once an input or imported session is posted, the time data is available for inclusion during "Payroll->Processing->Run Payroll".

Enter time

Type "new" in Session and press TAB to begin a new time entry session, or enter an existing (unposted) session number. Enter or prompt via "?" the employer number for this time entry session. Employer group restrictions on the user profile will be verified to ensure authorization to the selected employer. Type or prompt the Employee number related to the time being entered. Type or prompt the Income code for the hours being entered. Enter the GL account to override the account associated with the entered income code if desired, or leave blank to utilize the account specified by the income code. Type or click the calendar icon and enter the Work date for the hours being entered. Type number of Hours for the work date. Enter a rate to override the rate associated with the income code if desired. Type the project code related to hours worked. Click Add to add the time record to the session. Click Delete session to delete the entire entry session. Click Post when all time records have been entered to make the time records available for subsequent payroll processing. Posted sessions are no longer available for maintenance.

Import time


The "Import time" panel enables import of time data from a comma separated variable (CSV) text file. A CSV file can be created from any spreadsheet program. Type a payroll Employer. Enter or prompt via "?" the Import layout which matches the CSV file to be uploaded. Import layouts may be defined via "Administration->Import Map" using code type "importpr". Click Browse and select the CSV file to import. Click Process to create a time entry session for the retrieved import data. The new session can be retrieved, reviewed and posted via the Enter Time panel.

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