Payroll Tax Information


"Payroll Tax Information" enables entry of tax information used for payroll tax deposits and other tax reporting. During payroll cycle posting (invoked from "Payroll->Processsing->Run Payroll" menu option) accounts payable tax deposit invoices are created and posted into the accounts payable system. Deposit related information may be entered here for each payroll tax deduction type (e.g. federal, FICA taxes).


Select a Tax code and a the related EIN. If information has previously been defined for this code and EIN, it will be retrieved. Specify information for the selected code, click Save to add or update the tax data or alternatively click Delete to delete the current definition. Note: deletion is immediate, no warning message is issued.

Entry tips

Type "?" in the Deposit vendor or AP code and press TAB to view or select a value. Click on the desired code in the related selection display to select the code.

If a tax code is inadvertently deleted, it can be retrieved by re-selecting the appropriate EIN, and clicking Save to add the code back, since the panel display is not cleared upon deletion.

Tax Information fields