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The "Run Payroll" display enables selection of employees to pay for the specified employer. The payroll will be disbursed from the employer bank account. Processing the selection set will result in disbursements created via the background Payroll posting process. The posting process generates the payments and updates the related employee ledgers for the amounts paid. Upon completion, a notification is sent indicating the checks for the payroll run are ready to print. The resulting checks may be printed via the "Payroll->Processing->Print Checks" menu option and electronic payments processed via "Direct Deposit".


Enter "Employer" id number for this payroll run. The Check date may be changed if your profile security permits. Type selection criteria and click Select. All employees meeting the current selection criteria (that are in an active status) will be retrieved for payment. All criteria entered on the page will be combined together (i.e. an employee must meet all criteria entered on the page to be selected.) Check Append to add newly entered selection criteria employees to those previously selected. Retrieved employees are displayed in the "Checks" panel.

Entry tips

Type "?" in a promptable line edit and press TAB to view and/or select a code value. Click on the desired code in the related selection display to select the code value.

An entire check selection may be deleted and replaced by simply running a new selection with the "Append" checkbox unchecked.


Enter or prompt (via "?") the Employer number for this payroll run. Bank group restrictions on the user profile will be verified to ensure authorization to disburse from the selected employer's bank. The check date may be changed if not prohibited by user profile security. Type a valid default Payroll code for this payroll run and the payroll period Begin and End dates. The Cycle and employee Class groups will default to user restriction values, if they exist. Type selection criteria and click Select. Check Append to add newly entered selection criteria without clearing previously selected employees.

Checks will be created for all active employees meeting the entered selection criteria. Posted time entries within the entered begin/end dates are processed for hourly employees. The payroll checks may be reviewed after selection prior to running via the "Checks" panel.



The "Checks" panel displays the payments created from the employee selection. The last check number used for the bank is displayed. The check number for the first check payment in the run will begin with the next check number (i.e. last check# + 1). Payments marked in red are direct deposit payments that will be assigned an ACH number and will not use the bank's check number sequence. Click Print Checks to submit payment creation for the displayed checks via the payroll background posting process. A completion notice will be received when the payroll payment session is ready to print or transmit (direct deposit).

Click a payment line item and select "Retrieve" from the context menu to retrieve the payment details. All incomes and deductions for the retrieved check will then be displayed in the "Details" panel. Click "Change Address" to remit payment to an alternate employee address (if an alternate address exists for the employee). Click "Remove check" to remove a payment from this payment session.



The "Details" panel displays details of the currently selected payment from the "Checks" page.

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