Menu Definition


"Menu Definition" enables maintenance of menu group codes. Menu codes are simply lists of menu options. A menu group code is assigned to a user profile Menu (see "Administration->User Profiles"). The code determines the menu options which will be available to the user upon login. Only menu options listed in the user's assigned menu group code will be available for processing.

A menu name must first be setup as a code value before it will be available for assignment of menu options. The code must be a Code type of "menuc" and the Code name is the menu name being defined here. This setup is done via "Administration->Code Values".

Menu group codes are frequently setup to represent a class of user. For example, a menu group might be established named "apclerk" which includes menu options appropriate for an accounts payable data entry associate. This menu code might only include options such as AP Invoice entry, Vendor Inquiry, Adjust AP invoice, Select invoices to pay, (but perhaps leaving Disbursements processing off the menu - preferring that available only to an "apsupervisor" level menu) and omitting any general ledger, accounts receceivable and payroll options that are clearly outside the employees duties. Menu codes combined with other code group restrictions (see "Administration->Code Values") permits granular control of a users's authorities within the system.

Entry tips

Type "?" in a Menu name and press TAB to select from a list of defined menu group codes. Click on the desired code in the related selection display to select the code value.


Type or prompt via "?" the Menu name to maintain. The menu name and its Description is retrieved. All menu options not currently assigned to the menu group are displayed in Available options and all options assigned are shown in Included options. Click an item from Available options click "Include" to add it to the menu code. The option will move to the Included options list. Similarly, click an item in the Included options and select "Remove" to delete the menu option from the menu name (it will move back to the available options). Click Delete button to delete the entire menu name (this will not delete the underlying "menuc" type code). Note: deletion is immediate, no warning message is issued prior to the deletion.

Menu fields