The "Locks" display is used to view and/or release database locks that are currently being held by the application. The application sets database locks when application records are being maintained to prevent multiple users from attempting to change or delete the same record simultaneously.

The application releases locks automatically when a locked record is no longer being maintained. In some situations a record lock may not be released immediately when a user terminates a session, but may be delayed for up to 10 minutes depending on the browser being utilized. Additionally, occasional network issues may result whereby a lock may not be properly released by the system.

Click Refresh button to refresh the list of database locks.

NOTE: It is rarely necessary to remove a lock. Be sure the lock is stale before removing it.

If you are certain the lock is not being actively utilized (i.e. a user is not currently maintaining a particular locked record) the lock may be released. Click a lock item from the displayed locks listview. Click Remove to release the selected lock or Cancel to preserve the database row lock.