Configure Companies


"Configure Companies" enables entry or update of an accounting company. A company is also sometimes referred to as a "ledger". Multiple companies are permitted. Users may be restricted from companies by assigning a user to a ledger group (ledger group is a user defined code type of "ledgp"), in which case the user will have access only to the companies (ledgers) included in the ledger group.

Entry tips

Type "?" in a promptable line edit and press TAB to view and/or select a code value. Click on the desired code in the related selection display to select the code value.


Type a Company code to maintain. The company code must be a length of 3 characters and is the first component in the company's chart of accounts (i.e. each general ledger account number in a company must begin with the company value). Enter a brief Description of the company. Type or prompt via "?" a home Calendar for the company. Transactions entered into this company will post to periods defined in this calendar. Note: if calendars have not yet been defined, the company can only be saved as an inactive company until the calendar has been defined and assigned to the company herein. Enter a home Currency which will be the reporting currency for this company. Type the GL period and GL year to set the current accounting period of the company. Type or prompt via "?" the Retained earnings gl account number for the company to be posted at year-end close.

Check Active to enable posting to the company or uncheck to disable company usage. Check Intercompany to designate the company eligible for intercompany (ledger) processing. Click Save to save your changes.



The "Inter-company" panel enables mapping of the inter-company accounts used for inter-company processing, i.e. the mapping of due to/from general ledger accounts between companies. Note: inter-company processing is prohibited unless Intercompany is checked in the "Company" panel.

Type a Home company code, Foreign company and the corresponding due to/from accounts in Home account and Foreign account. Click Save to save the mapping. Click a displayed mapping; select "Delete" to delete inter-company account mapping.


The "Sub-calendars" panel identifies calendars to be posted for a selected company. Transaction processing (data entry, etc.) is performed only in the home calendar. The posting process will post to all calendar periods associated with the company automatically.

Type Company code to add a sub-calendar. Enter Calendar name. Click Add to add the calendar to the company. The company and associated calendars is displayed. Click a displayed calendar item. Select "Remove" to remove the sub-calendar from the company.

Company fields


Inter-company fields

Sub-calendars fields