Journal processing


The Journal Processing display enables entry of a new set of general ledger journals or maintenance of an existing unposted set. A valid set must contain one journal but may contain multiple journals. When all journals pass validation the set can be posted via the "Post" button. Unposted sets remain available for subsequent maintenance and posting.


Type "new" in Set to create a new set or enter an unposted general ledger set id to maintain. Enter a brief description for a new set and click "Save". Similarly, within the Journals panel type "new" to create a new journal or select an existing journal id from the current set. Click "Save" to save current journal panel values or "Delete" to remove the current journal from the set. Enter distributions for the currently selected journal via the Distribute panel. Project distributions for the current journal may be maintained via the Projects panel. Additionally, a note may be attached to a journal via the Notes panel.

When the "Post" button is pressed the set is scheduled for posting via the background posting processor. Notification of completion is displayed in the message view. Posted sets may be viewed in Account Analysis inquiries and are reflected in all reports.

Entry tips

Type "?" in a promptable line edit and press TAB to view or select a code value. Click on the desired code in the related selection display to select the code. Prompting the "Journal" will display all journals in the current set.

Check the "Quick entry" checkbox to enable entry of a distribution after input of the "Amount" value and TAB is pressed or click "Save" to process the distribution once all desired field values have been input.

Click "Refresh" to update the entered distributions view.



Type "?" in "Set" to select an existing unposted set or type "new" to begin a new GL set. Enter or update the set description and press "Save" to save changes. Alternatively, presss "Delete" to delete the current set. Press the "Post" button when all journals in the set are complete.



The "Journals" panel enables selection or creation of general ledger journals in the current set. For a new journal, type "new" and press TAB. The new journal number will appear in "Journal" and the "Description" will be set to "New Journal". Check the "Accrual" checkbox to cause this journal to be automically reversed in the period specified in the calendar's "Reverse in" accounting period (this is usually the accounting period following the journal accounting period). The reversal period can be viewed by reviewing the ledger's home calendar.

Check "Units" checkbox for a statistical (i.e. non-monetary) journal. Unit journals need not balance debits and credits as required in normal monetary entries. Currency value must be blank for a unit type journal.

Enter a "Reference" value. The reference field may be used for subsequent selection in general ledger inquiry and reporting dialogs. It may also be used for project selection by the auto distribute functionality in the "Project" panel.

Note: A reversal of a previously posted journal can be created in the current set. First, enter the accounting period and year for the new journal. Type the journal number to be reversed in "Reversal". The message Reversal journal added to set successfully is displayed and the journal will be retrieved into this set with all distribution amount signs reversed if your profile is authorized to reverse the entered journal. A new journal number will be assigned and appears in "Journal". Additionally, the new journal "Description" will reference the reversed journal id.

Save journal header information changes by pressing "Save" or delete the currently selected journal via the "Delete" button.



The "Distribute" panel enables account distribution debits and credits to be entered into the current journal. Type or prompt an account number, an optional description and the amount to distribute. Debits are entered as positive amounts, credits as negative. Press TAB after entering the "Amount". The distribution will be inserted for this account/amount if the "Quick Entry" is checked or the cursor will advance to the next field for more information to be entered if it is unchecked. Click "Save" to insert the distribution (if "Quick Entry" is unchecked). Click "Refresh" to display all distributions in the current journal.

A pre-defined recurring journal may be pulled into the journal. Prompt "Recurring" via "?" and select a recurring journal code. If the recrurring journal requires an input amount for its calculation, enter its value into "Amount". Click "Save" to insert the recurring entries distributions into the journal. (The newly inserted distributions will be visible when the "Refresh" button is clicked.)

Click a distribution line displayed and select "Change" to modify an existing distribution or select "Remove" to delete the distribution from the journal.



The "Projects" panel enables allocation of account distributions to projects (not to exceed the related project's eligible gl account distribution amount). Distributions made to general ledger accounts entered in the "Distribute" panel that are tagged as project "Optional" or "Required" are eligble for project distribution. Accounts which are marked as "None" in the "Project" combo box of the "Chart of Accounts" dialog may not be distributed to a project. If an amount was distributed in the current journal to a project "Required" gl account, the total for that distribution must be allocated to one or more valid projects.

For example, assume two account distributions are made in the current journal totaling 100.00 to account 100.5100 and -100 for account 100.5200. If both accounts are tagged "Required" then 100.00 must be allocated to projects for account 100.5100 and -100.00 for account 100.5200. The amounts may be allocated to more than one project. That is, one possible project distribution might be to account 100.5100 for $80 to subledger Project 1 and account 100.5100 for $20 to Project 2, and account 100.5200 for $-100 to Project 1. Project distributions for an account cannot exceed the debit or credit total of the gl distribution to that account in the "Distributions" panel.


The "Notes" panel enables entry of free format comments at the journal level. The text entered will be associated with the current journal as displayed in the "Journal". Type text into the text box and press TAB to save this journal note. Additionally, a file may be attached to this journal via the "Attach" button or viewed via the "View Attachment" button or removed via the "Remove attachment" button. A journal that has an associated note or attachment will have a document id number displayed in "Reference". If an attachment is selected for viewing which does not contain an image, the related attachment is emailed to the user.

Notes entered for a journal will be available for review in the "Account Analysis" dialog once the journal has been posted.

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