Employee Inquiry


"Employee Inquiry" enables analysis of employee payroll activity. Information is retrieved by employee id via the "Employee" panel. Retrieved employee check details may displayed for any employee payment in the "Payment Detail" panel. Any data displayed from either panel may be exported to a spreadsheet (via a comma separated variable file) if the user's security settings permit.


Type or prompt via "?" a valid Employee and press tab. Employee information and related payments are displayed. Optionally, enter Paid from and/or Paid through date(s) to filter payments that are displayed and click Refresh. Click Export to receive a spreadsheet (CSV file) email attachment if security permits. Click a payment in the payments list to display the individual payment details; the "Payment Detail" panel is displayed.

Payment Detail

The "Payment Detail" panel is displayed when a payment from the "Employee" page is clicked. The check and the related income and deduction details for the payment are shown in the details list. Click Export to receive a spreadsheet (CSV file) email attachment for the current payment (if your user profile enables export).


The "Notes" panel displays the note (if any) that is attached to the most recent employee id retrieved from the dialog or a payment level note if one is attached to a detail payment which is selected. Click View Attachment to display any related attached image to the note or to receive an email attachment containing the attached file if it is not an image.