Ledger Inquiry


"Ledger Inquiry" enables analysis of general ledger activity. Data may be retrieved by account or by journal number for a selected ledger. Retrieved data may be eligible for traceback to the source subsystem if sourced outside of the general ledger (i.e. accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll). Once the ledger has been selected you may inquire by general ledger account number or alternatively enter a Journal number to review on the "Journal Detail" panel. Any data displayed may be exported to a spreadsheet (via a comma separated variable file) if the user's security settings permit.

Select Account

Enter a valid Ledger and press tab. Type or prompt via "?" the gl Account. Enter the From period and From year for the accounting period to be displayed. Optionally, enter a Through period and Through year to retrieve a range of accounting periods. Type any remaining filter criteria and click Refresh. The beginning and ending balances for the period(s) selected is shown and the journals and related account amounts posted are displayed in the detail journals list. Click Export to receive a spreadsheet (CSV file) email attachment if security permits. Click an item in the journal list to display the journal details; the "Journal Detail" panel is displayed.

Journal Detail

Type Journal number to display, press TAB. The journal is displayed with related detail distributions shown in the distributions list. Click Export to receive a spreadsheet (CSV file) email attachment for the current journal. Click a distribution detail item to display the source of the distribution (e.g. if the source of the entry was an accounts receivable invoice the related AR invoice is displayed in the "AR Invoice Detail" panel, etc.).


The "Notes" panel displays the note (if any) that is attached to the most recent detail item retrieved from the dialog. Click View Attachment to display any related attached image to the note or to receive an email attachment containing the attached file if it is not an image.