Howto Configure Email


BraceNet uses SMTP with Amazon SES for automated sending of emails. This document describes the setup required to enable email from your instance.

Amazon Web Services Console email setup

Before your BraceNet modules can send emails you must first complete the AWS email address verification process and obtain your SES credentials. You can use the Amazon SES Console method. Be sure to download your credentials.

Mutt Configuration

Next, enter your credentials (downloaded from the SES credentials step above) into the muttrc configuration file located in the admin home directory ("/home/admin/.muttrc"). Edit the mutt configuration file (e.g. "vi .muttrc"). Set the "from", "smtp_pass" and "smtp_url" values (cut and paste from downloaded credentials file replacing SES_SMTP_PASSWORD and SES_USERNAME below):

set from = ''

set smtp_pass = 'SES_SMTP_PASSWORD'

set smtp_url = 'smtp://' (this must match the region used during the Amazon Web Services Console email setup above)

Reboot your EC2 instance from the AWS Console to activate configuration changes.