Global Settings


The "Global Settings" enables setting the date format for entry and display (for all databases), TURN server URL and credentials and permits new database creation, application control tables activity logging and finally scheduling of database backups.


The "Settings" panel displays the current date format as well as a list of accounting databases. Click Change mode to enable modification of the current settings for all panels (e.g. Settings, Table Logs and Backup Schedule panels). Click Release after the desired modifications are completed to lock the display. While in "Change mode" select the desired date format that will utilized for all databases on your platform. Enter the user name, URL and password used by the TURN server startup command. Click "Save" to save your date format and TURN server settings. Additionally, you may create a new accounting database: enter a new database name and description and click "Create" to create the new accounting entity. Upon receiving the database creation completion message you can login to the new entity using the the "admin" profile using the password database name. (Thus, if your new database name is "newcomp", the new admin password will be "newcomp".)

Click an item displayed in the Databases list and select "Start background" to start the background posting processes for the database or "Stop background" to end the database background processes. (When background processes are stopped entries can be made in the system but jobs scheduled for post will not process until the background processes are restarted.)

Table Logs

Click an item displayed in the Control Table Logs list and select "Start/Stop" to toggle the logging status (i.e. if the table is not being logged it will start logging otherwise it will stop logging). View changes to any logged control tables via the "Log Activity" report.


Select a database from the "Database" combobox (the database description will be displayed when selected). Select the desired backup schedule details and click "Save" button to schedule the backups for the selected database. The details are displayed in the list view below. Click an item from the listview and select "Change" to retrieve scheduled details for a database, make desired changes and "Save" to preserve the modifications or alternatively, select "Remove" to delete the schedule entry.

Settings fields

Backup fields