Accounts Payable Disbursements


The check sessions appearing in the Disbursements display represent payments that have been posted to the general ledger. This dialog allows the actual printing (and reprinting) of these disbursements. Completed invoice selection sessions run from the "Select Invoices To Pay" menu option are available to disburse. Checks are printed for the selected session. Checks from open (unprinted) sessions may be renumbered if needed in the event of a printer jam. Previously printed check runs may also be selected for reprinting of file copies. Additionally, individual checks within a session may be selected for note or file attachment.

Select a payment session to be printed from the disbursement sessions listview on the "Select" page by clicking the desired pay id line. Checks will be retrieved and displayed in the "Checks" panel. Load check stock to the printer corresponding to the displayed first check number in the dialog. Press the "Print checks" button to submit the checks for printing. A message will be received indicating the checks file name which can then be printed via the "Reporting -> View" menu option.

Data entry tips

Type "?" in a promptable line edit and press TAB to view and/or select a code value. Click on the desired code in the related selection display to select the code value.

Click any column header in the listview to sort/reverse sort data by that column.


The "Select" panel permits selection of the disbursement session to be viewed or printed. Check the "Disbursed" checkbox to display previously printed pay id sessions or uncheck to display sessions which have not yet been printed.

Click on a pay id line in the list to retrieve the pay id for print or review. All checks for the clicked pay id line will be loaded into the "Checks" panel to enable printing.



The "Checks" panel displays the checks that may be printed for the disbursement session selected from the "Select" panel. The starting check number, bank, number of checks and check total for the current session are also shown. ACH payments in the disbursement session are displayed in red and will not be printed (they will not be included in the resulting check file). ACH payments are transmitted via option "Payables->Payments->Transmit ACH" .

The "Renumber checks" button may be used to restart printing checks in the event of a printer malfunction during the initial disbursement printing. This button is only enabled for the current pay id (latest check run) for a bank. For example, assume a check run consists of 10 checks originally numbered from 100 through 109. While printing, check number 104 becomes jammed and check forms for check 104 and 105 become unusable. Click "Renumber checks" Enter 104 in the "Original check" and 106 in "Renumber to" . Now, the check previously numbered 104 will become check number 106, the old 105 check will be check number 107, etc. for the remainder of the disbursement session. Load check forms starting with 106 and complete the check run via the "Print checks" button. Checks 106 through 111 will now be created via the AP background process to enable completion of the check run.

Click a check item in the list and select the "Comment" context menu option to enter a comment on the check. This comment can be printed on the check stub if defined in the current check form and is also displayed in the vendor inquiry dialog. Click the "Note" option from the context menu to enter a note and/or file attachment for the check on the "Notes" panel.


"Notes" panel allows entry of note information for a check accessed by selecting the "Note" context menu option on the "Checks" panel. The "Reference" indicates the check number of the currently displayed note. A document number is displayed if note data has been saved for the current check. Type note text and press TAB to save the note. Press the "Attach" or "Delete attachment" button to add or delete a file attachment to the current check. Click the "View attachment" button to display an existing attachment. Attachments which are not images are emailed to the requestor if user profile security permits.

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