Payroll Direct Deposit


"Payroll Direct Deposit" enables transmittal of payments created via run payroll processing for employees who are configured to receive direct deposits (Direct deposit is checked in "Configure->Employees"). The payments made from the selected bank are displayed for review and transmittal. The selected bank must be properly configured with the transmittal file name and related transmittal ftp information to be eligible to send payments.

Entry tips

Type "?" in a Bank to retrieve a bank number from the selection display. Click on the desired bank to select.


Enter Bank, press TAB (or prompt Bank via "?" ). All un-transmitted direct deposits for the selected bank are displayed in the payments list below. The count and total amount of direct deposits to be transmitted is also displayed. Click a payment item from the list. Click "Comment" to retrieve the payment to update the comment on the payment record. Enter comment and click Change comment . The changed comment is displayed on the payment. Click "Notes" to update or add a new note to the payment record via the "Notes" panel. Click Run to submit the transmittal process to the background process. A notice will be received when the transmission has completed.


The "Notes" panel enables entry of a payment level note. The text entered will be associated with the current disbursement. Type text into the text box and press TAB to save the note. Additionally, an uploaded file may be attached to the disbursement via Attach button. An attachment may be viewed via View attachment or removed via the Remove attachment. A payment that has an associated note or attachment will have a document id number displayed in Document

Payments fields