Define Reports


Define Reports enables definition of financials statements or other reports from general ledger balance information. Once defined, the financial statement can be run from "Reporting->Run Reports" menu option. The rules defined herein for the report are combined with the submittal parameters when the report is run to generate the report. Thus, information such as ledger, currency, accounting period or for example the budget code used, (if the report includes budget data) are specified at run time.

Entry tips

View all saved report line items via the "View Layout" panel to determine sequence numbers and show progress of the report definition.

Type "?" in "Report name" to select an existing report or type a new report name to begin a new GL report. Enter a brief description of the report. Type the first line report title in "Report title" and a sub-title to be printed on the second line of the report in "Sub title". Type the column header for the first column of the financial statement report, e.g "Current year". Enter the column heading of the second column of the report in "Column B heading" if two columns are desired on the report e.g. "Prior year". Leave the "Column B heading" blank if the financial statement will be defined with only one column.

Specify the nature of the column data by checking the checkboxes under its column header. Multiple checkboxes may be set under each column. The run-time parameters will be combined with the checkbox values indicated to present column information (e.g. if "Prior year" is checked for column A and the report submittal parameters specify accounting year 2013, the data for the column on the report will contain values for 2012 the prior year). Click Save line to save the header information before proceeding to line definitions. Click Delete report to permanently delete the report definition.



The "Details" panel enables definition of individual lines on the report. First, enter the line number to be defined. Select the line type from Line type. Only fields relevant for the type of line definition selected are available for entry, unrelated fields are inhibited. Click Save line to save the line number currently being defined. Insert details for the line definition via Add.

Three types of line definitions are possible: "Line calculation", "Category summary" and "Text only". The "Text only" type is the simplest, requiring only the line number and text value to be displayed on the line. This type can be useful when printing section headers or possibly filler lines on the report. Note: the special value "*B" may be entered in Text for a text only line to designate that a blank line should be printed for the line number specified.

The "Category summary" line type causes amounts for account numbers that are tagged with the specified category code to be summed for the line. A general ledger account number can be associated with up to four (4) categories. Level 1-4 refers to Category 1-4 in "Configure->Chart of Accounts".

With Category summary highlighted, select the appropriate Level and type or prompt via "?" the Category. Check Reverse sign to multiply by -1 the category summary value before adding it to the line total. Click Add to add the category to the line. The category will be displayed in the list of categories included in the line. Repeat as needed to add additional categories to the line. Click a displayed category line item and select "Delete" to remove the category from the line definition.

The "Calculation" line type performs the specified calculations and adds the results to the specified line. Calculations can reference values from any line defined prior on the report (i.e. it can reference any line number with a value lower than its own). Operations that are available are: add, subtract, multiply, divide or sum range. Calculations are described in the table below. Click Add to add a calculation to the current line. Note: typing "*C" in Text for a calculation line type will store the values (which may be used in subsequent calculations) but will not be printed on the report.

With Calculation highlighted, first select the appropriate Operator for the calculation sequence. Enter a Sequence. When multiple calculations are performed for a line, the sequence number will indicate the order in which the calculations will be performed. Enter the Line X, Line Y and Factor values as needed and press Add to insert the calculation sequence. The table below describes the calculations performed for the operators:

Where L = line amount, X = entered X value, Y = entered Y value, Factor = entered Factor value

ActionCalculation description
Add L = L + (X + Y)
Add L = L + X (if Y is blank)
Subtract L = L + (X - Y)
Subtract L = L - X (if Y is blank)
Multiply L = L + (X * Y)
Multiply L = L + (X * Factor) (if Y is blank)
Divide L = L + (X / Y)
Divide L = L + (X / Factor) (if Y is blank)
Sum Range Add amounts for all lines starting from line number X, up to and including line Y

View Layout

The "View Layout" panel permits display of the line items currently defined for the report. This display can be helpful determining the proper sequence numbering to use in the "Details" panel and enables visualization of sequence numbers referenced for calculation lines.

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