Codes Definition


"Codes Definition" enables entry or update of user defined codes and related code values. Various code types are utilized via the system to facilitate processing. Application codes consist of a code type, a code name and in some cases a code value. The code type indicates the nature and usage of the code, while the code name and value represent the actual code values. Code types are pre-defined by the system while the values associated with the code types are user defined. Some code types require only the code type and name values (whereby the name value is the actual code value) while other codes require a code name and a related code value further distinguishing the code name.

Codes are an integral part of application level security. Codes often group values of the given code type which may represent a list of values to which a user is restricted and thus may be used to enforce security restrictions. An example of a group used to enforce an application security restriction is the ledger group, codtype "ledgp". The Code name is the name of the ledger (company) group and the Code value values are the companies which belong to this group.

Consider a "ledgp" code name which is setup as "mycompanies". Two company codes for the code name "mycompanies" are inserted with Code values of 100 and 200 respectively. If a user profile has the "mycompanies" code assigned to it in Company group, (see "Administration->User Profiles") the user will be restricted to companies 100 and 200 and prohibited from accessing companies outside the group. Similary, a vendor class code (code type "vclass") may restrict a user to vendors assigned to said vendor class.

Some code types may be used by an application to accomodate other processing or grouping needs, i.e. not all codes represent security restrictions. Many code types represent header definitions of codes maintained elsewhere and are used by the application during input validation. For example, define a type menuc (menu group code name) here, but the details i.e. menu items specified in the menu group, are defined via the "Administration->Menu Groups" Menu Definition menu option.

Entry tips

Type "?" in Code type and press TAB to view and select a code type. Click on code type in selection display to select.


Prompt via "?" the Code type to be maintained and select the relevant type from the list. All related code values for this code type will be displayed in the codes list below. Enter Code name value and the Code value (if needed for this code type). Type a brief Code description of this new code. Check Active to activate the code. Click Save to save this code - the new code value will be updated in the codes list below. Click a code in the codes list; click "Status" to toggle the status or click "Delete" to delete the value.

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