Report Categories


The Report Categories display enables definition of general ledger account summarization category codes. These codes are used with financial statement report line definitions to combine (add) ledger amounts for accounts to which a category code is associated. Each GL account number can be linked to up to four category values. Once categories have been defined herein, they may be attached to a category value on a general ledger account number via"General Ledger-> Configure ->Accounts".

For example, assume a chart of accounts has 10 revenue account numbers which need to be summarized to an income statement line item "Revenue from Operations". A category code "OpsRevenue" might be defined here and the 10 revenue account numbers would set the account Category 1 value to "OpsRevenue". An income statement definition (see Reporting->Define Reports menu option) could define a category summary line type for "Revenue from Operations" referencing the "OpsRevenue" category code. This would instruct the financial statement report writer to add the amounts for these 10 accounts.

Entry tips

Search for an existing Category code by typing a value to "Find". All category codes starting from the entered value will be displayed.

Delete an existing category and re-enter a new replacement to change a category code.


Enter a new "Category" value. Type a description of the new category code. Press "Add" button to create the new category.

Category fields