AP Invoice processing


The AP Invoice Processing display permits entry of a new set of accounts payable invoices or selection of an existing unposted set. Negative invoices (credit memos) are permitted. If all invoices entered in the set pass validation, the set can be posted via the Post button. Unposted sets remain available for subsequent maintenance and posting.


Type "new" in Set to create a new set or prompt/enter an unposted AP invoice set id. Invoices for the current set are entered via the Invoices panel. Distribute an invoice selected from the invoice view via the Distribute panel and any desired project distributions via the Project panel. Custom values defined for accounts payable invoices may be entered via the Custom panel and notes may be attached via the Notes panel for the currently selected invoice.

When the Post button is pressed the set is scheduled for posting via the background posting processors. Notification of completion is displayed in the main window message view. Posted invoices are available for payment or adjustment and appear as open invoices in the inquiry and payment selection displays. Related invoice journal distributions are visible in the GL system.

Entry tips

Type "?" in a promptable line edit and press TAB to view and/or select a code value. Click on the desired code in the related selection display to select the code value.


Type "new" in Set to create a new set or prompt/enter an unposted AP invoice set id. Enter values for the description, an authorized ledger and the accounting year and period. Press "Update" button to save changes to the set panel data. Press "Delete" button to delete the entire set and all its related invoices and distributions. Press the "Post" button to submit the current set to post via the accounts payable posting process.



Type invoice number and related invoice detail information. Press the "Update" button to save the invoice and enable subsequent entry of invoice account distributions and custom values (if activated). Press "Refresh" button to display all invoices currently in the set. Newly entered invoices do not display in invoice list until "Refresh" button is pressed.

Press "Check duplicates" to view potential duplicate invoices. A "Duplicate Invoice Check" side panel is displayed. Search modes include search based on Invoice, Date and Amount as well as Purchase Order and Amount. Additionally, a time span for checking can be indicated.

Click an invoice line in the invoices view. Select "Change" to enable entry of gl account distributions for the invoice via the "Distribute" panel. A message "GL distributions retrieved" is displayed and the Distribution panel will display the current invoice number next to the "Quick entry" checkbox (on the Distibute panel). Select "Remove" to delete the invoice from the set or select "Note" to attach a note to the invoice.



The "Distribute" panel enables GL account distribution for the selected invoice. Distributions must sum to the invoice total. NOTE: the accounts payable trade account is not entered as a distribution, rather the trade payable account distribution will be system generated based on the AP code of the invoice.

Check the "Quick entry" checkbox to enable update of a distribution after entry of the "Amount" value (once TAB is pressed) or alternatively, click "Update" to process the distribution once all desired field values have been input.


The "Project" panel enables GL account distribution for the selected invoice to project(s).

Custom values

The "Custom" panel enables entry of custom values for the current invoice. Custom value fields must first be defined via menu option "Administration->Custom Fields" at the AP Invoice level. Enter values for labeled fields in the display and click Save. Click Delete to clear custom values for the invoice. Custom values entered for an invoice appear in inquiry displays, exports and report xml output.

Invoice fields