AP Account Code Definition


AP Account Code Definition enables definition of accounts payable account distribution offset groups. AP control codes are used during accounts payable posting to distribute the account offsets for accounts payable and discounts taken. During invoice entry the expense distributions are entered on an invoice whereas accounts payable trade account offset is generated automatically based on the AP code assigned to the invoice. Additionally, a "Project" default may be specified to ensure AP offset distributions are tracked to the specified project. This can be important when all control accounts must be recorded in a project in order to maintain a balanced project subledger (that is, when all general ledger account numbers have been marked as project required).

Entry tips

Type "?" in a promptable line edit and Press TAB to view and/or select a code value. Click on the desired code in the related selection display to select the code value.


Type a new account code name value to define a new AP code. Enter the ledger to which the new code is to be assigned and a short description of the code. Enter gl account numbers on the display. The "Expense default" may be utilized by custom AP interfaces. Enter a Project restriction if needed - i.e. when the accounts payable control account has been set to project required status. Click "Save" to validate and save your changes.

Prompt for an existing AP code via "?". Modify record as needed and click "Save" to save. Delete the currently selected AP code via "Delete" button.

AP codes work in conjunction with bank definitions to complete general ledger account distribution in the accounts payable system. Cash and liability (payable) account mappings are obtained from bank and AP code definitions while expense accounts are specified via invoice processing.

AP Invoice entryExpense accountXXInvoice entry expense account distribution
AP Invoice entryAccounts payableXXAP Code - Accounts payable account
Cash disbursementsAccounts payableXXAP Code - Accounts payable account
Cash disbursementsCash accountXXBank Account Definition - Cash account

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