Chart of Accounts


"Chart of Accounts" enables definition of general ledger account numbers for the selected ledger. The account structure consists of multiple account segments which are separated by a "." (period character). The first component must be the account's ledger value. All other components are user definable. Thus, the simplest account structure might consist of only two segments with the second segment being the posting level account number.

For example, for the two segment structure described above, given a ledger number of 100, a sales account segment might be designated as 4000. The resulting account number for sales then would be 100.4000 and for a travel expense segment defined as 5100 the full account number would be entered as 100.5100 .

An example of a slightly more complex structure might define a ledger.region. costcenter.account structure where the first segment is the ledger (system required), the second component might be a 2 character region, a 4 character cost center for the third segment and a 5 character account segment. Assume a sales account is designated to be 41000. Thus, sales in region 10, for cost center 0000, would be distributed to account 100.10.0000.41000

Additionally, translation codes can be defined to enable mapping of foreign general ledger account numbers to the ledger's chart of accounts. This translation mapping code can then be referenced during import of journals ("Journals->Import") where a source file containing foreign gl account numbers are translated to the ledger's account numbers in the resulting imported journal entry set.

Entry tips

Type "?" in the Account or any Category and press TAB to view and/or select a code value. Click on the desired code in the related selection display to select the value.

Un-check Active checkbox to prevent posting to an account without the need to delete the account number.

Enter a gl account number as a "Category" value to include an individual account as a summary category line on a user defined report.



Type Ledger of the accounts to be maintained. Enter the new Account number (alternatively, select an existing account to modify). Type a brief Description of the account. Select the account Type. Balances for nominal accounts (account types "Income" and "Expense") are cleared (zero) after the amounts have been closed to retained earnings during year-end processing.

Select an entry option related to Project. If "None" is chosen, project distributions are prohibited for this account;"Optional" permits but does not require distribution to a project when this account is used; "Required" ensures postings to this account must also be distributed to a project.

Enter up to four Category values for the account. Categories can be used to indicate which accounts are summarized to a user defined report line (see "Reporting->Define Reports"). For example, consider a chart which has five revenue account numbers. The Category 1 field for each revenue account number might be set to "REVENUE". A user defined income statement then could reference level 1 "REVENUE" as the summary category for a "Sales" line on the report. The amounts for all five accounts would then be summed to the designated report line number.

Check Allow budget if the account is permitted in a budget. Journal distributions may contain user defined data in any of four user definable fields: numeric 1 and numeric 2, a text field and a date value. Click the relevant checkbox to require entry to any of these fields when distributing to this account.

Click Delete to delete the currently selected account number. Note: an account cannot be deleted if the account has activity, in which case the account will be de-activated on a delete request. Un-check Active checkbox to prevent posting to an account. Click Save to save changes to the account number.


Type or prompt via "?" to select a translation code. The translation code is a code type of "xlate" (see "Administration->Code Values" to establish a translation code). Enter a foreign account number to be translated to a ledger account number in From account and the mapped to ledger account in Target account and press TAB. The translation record will display in the list of translated accounts below. Search for an existing translation mapping via Find from or Find target. Click Refresh to display newly added translation mappings.



The "Import" panel permits upload of data from a comma separated variable (CSV) file to the chart of accounts. Enter or prompt via "?" the Import layout code which describes the csv file column order. The layout mapping may be defined via menu option "Administration->Import Map". Choose a file to import via Import source and click Process to submit the import process once the input data has been retrieved. A completion message will be received in the "Notices" listview when the import has completed.

Accounts imported that are incomplete or otherwise invalid are set to inactive status. To review the invalid records from an import, run the "Chart of Accounts Listing" and filter by user profile and account status of "Inactive" and optionally import date.

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