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Secure Custom Accounting Platform

Your accounting system on your own cloud. BraceNet is a turnkey environment that delivers a secure accounting infrastructure including primary and optional hot failover servers, automated offsite backups and robust, flexible accounting software with source code included, enabling customizations and integration with your legacy systems. Your cloud can run independently on your own company's domain or a BraceNet subdomain.

Accounting and bookkeeping firms can offer all clients the same full featured accounting system. Save your clients the cost and headaches of licensing their own software while streamlining processes using the same applications for all clients, rather than struggling with different vendor products and versions. BraceNet is the perfect solution for businesses requiring more control over their system than running on a vendor controlled platform.

Its easy to get started with your own accounting cloud platform. The BraceNet Accounting Cloud is available via direct purchase or a monthly or annual subscription.

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We are dedicated to providing a secure, reliable platform for your accounting services. Your system is a unique, distinct instance and runs in your own domain or alternatively, a BraceNet sub-domain.

 Secure infrastructureLocks

BraceNet sites can run on the Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) computing platform. The AWS infrastructure is designed and managed according to security best practices, a variety of security compliance standards, and is some of the more secure computing infrastructure in the world. Additional AWS security information may be found here.

SSL encryption

Certificate Your cloud platform requires secure https connections protected by a "SSL digital certificate" for securely encrypted communication sessions.

 Replicated data Server

Your system will automatically backup your (encrypted) data to an AWS S3 folder per the frequency and retention period you define.

Your website instance can be protected by a hot failover server in a different geographical region of the United States from your primary site. This means should there be any hardware malfunctions or other catastrophic failure on your server, your site would be brought up in the failover region to ensure your business keeps running, without loss of data and minimal downtime.

Application security

You control login to your accounting cloud via application user profiles you create. Login requires entry of user profile and entity (database) name in addition to password making it more difficult for password cracking scripts. Minimum eight character strong passwords are required.

Menu Menu level security allows you to set menu options that are available to the user profiles. User capabilities can be restricted or expanded simply by creating a menu group and assigning it to a profile.

User defined application code values may be created to restrict users to specific groups of vendors, customers, companies, employees, etc.

You can create a separate database for each of your legal entities to ensure complete segregation of data, while within a database you can run multiple companies.

 Vigilance Qualys

Our security team continually monitors BraceNet subdomains for vulnerabilities and applies the latest security updates. Access to your servers is protected by RSA key authentication and only SSL connections are permitted to login.

Your instance is private and thus contains no advertisements. Navigation to a foreign website while logged in ends that BraceNet session.


BraceNet is a full featured platform for running general ledger, budgeting, payment processing, credit and receivables maintenance, payroll and reporting. Navigate to for secure access to your unique accounting platform. You can offer each client their own separate entity and display your own logo or that of each of your clients.

In addition to the core set of accounting modules designed with the functionality and power needed to support the transaction volumes of even your largest entities, BraceNet includes video chat, company web portal for presenting internal corporate web sites and document storage and retrieval.


You will never outgrow your accounting platform. As your capacity and processing needs increase you can simply add capacity through the Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) console. We provide the secure infrastructure, accounting modules with source code, application and technical support so you can concentrate on accounting.


Comprehensive 24/7 email and telephone support during business hours is included with your subscription. Premium support plans, custom development and training classes are also available. Contact our support  team for details.

New release updates are provided to all BraceNet subscribers appproximately once per quarter via email distribution. The upgrade process is simple and telephone support is available to provide upgrade assistance.

The application modules provide a powerful set of application features. However, when your needs go beyond the features provided your BraceNet platform can be modified to integrate legacy systems, add custom functionality or create new integrated applications to your specifications.

Your system is unique to your organization so you can build upon your accounting platform. Customize your system to meet specific industry or strategic customization requirements leveraging your in-house development team or let our BraceNet experts deliver timely and cost effective development solutions.



The BraceNet platform is available as a direct purchase or a monthly subscription via the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. You can be running your own system in minutes with just a simple click. Launch your BraceNet platform as an AMI directly inside your EC2 console. Subscriptions require no up-front costs or long-term commitments. BraceNet is available for a FREE TRIAL for 30 days. Additionally, you can choose to purchase an annual subscription and take advantage of reserved EC2 instances to reduce your hourly costs even further.

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  • Subscriptions as low as $37/month - price includes AWS infrastructure cost
  • Pay hourly or annually
  • Billing is via your existing AWS account
  • Choose the right instance size for your needs, easily expand your instance as your needs change

Choosing an instance size

Your accounting platform can be hosted on many AWS instance sizes. The larger instance sizes offer heightened performance and as your processing needs increase, you may move to larger instances at any time to maintain optimal levels of performance. For example, a t2.medium instance may be appropriate for running three or four small or mid-sized companies, while an accounting or bookkeeping firm running 20 or more client companies may require a more robust t2.large instance. More information regarding instance types may be found here.

The BraceNet platform is also available as a one-time purchase for only $999 USD. We provide free installation on your Amazon Web Services EC2 instance. Support is available for installation on other environments such as Google Compute Cloud™, IBM BlueMix™ or Digital Ocean™ as well (please call for details).

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